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Lower back pain is one of the most commonly reported workplace injuries worldwide, accounting for one third of all work-related disabilities*. Aside from the negative effects this has on staff health and wellbeing, it can also lead to a drop in productivity as more time is taken off work due to injury.

The team at the Ergo Centre is here to help reduce that risk. We offer tailored solutions to help OH&S professionals create a happy, healthy and productive workplace. Our experts can evaluate your worksite and provide industry-leading advice on choosing the right products, and the right set-up for your business.

Our Occupational Health & Safety services include:

  • Evaluations of your existing workplace through our partnerships with Occupational Therapy and Industrial Physio Services
  • Custom electronic sit-stand desks
  • Free quotes and advice
  • Professional development sessions: contact us to register your interest.
Find out how we can help improve your OH&S solutions today.
*University of Sydney 2014