Keyboards & Numeric Pads

Evoluent Mouse Friendly Keyboard


The Evoluent keyboard allows your mouse to be directly in front of your shoulder and your arm is in a relaxed neutral position when using the mouse. An ordinary keyboard has a numeric keypad where the mouse should be and your mouse is too far away forcing your arm to stretch outward to reach the mouse.

  • Width: 393mm
  • Depth: 159mm
  • Height: 12mm
  • Adjustability: None
  • Keyboard Features:
    • Numeric Keypad on Left Side
    • Plug & Play
    • Quiet Soft Touch
    • Standard Size Keys
    • USB Connection
  • Risk Management:
    • Comfortable Computing
    • Company Cost Savings
    • Increased Productivity
  • Usage:
    • Computing
    • Desktop
  • Colour:
    • Black