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3M Joystick Mouse


The Handshake Optical Mouse comes in two sizes (small/medium or large) for more comfortable mousing. This optical style of vertical mouse is grasped in a handshake position eliminating rotation of the wrist and forearm. The thumb simply rocks to the left or right to click and the third button mounted on the handle contains a scrolling feature and on board task bar. The larger arm muscles are used to physically move the mouse eliminating deviation of the wrist.

  • EM500GPS - Small/Medium
  • EM500GPL - Large

  • Colour: Black
  • Mouse Anatomical Position: Inwardly Rotated Arm Position & Straight Wrist
  • Mouse Features:
    • Optical Sensor
    • Plug & Play
    • Suitable for PC & Mac
    • Three buttons plus scroll
    • USB Connection
    • Wired Version only
  • Sizes: Various Other Sizes
  • Usage: Right Hand Only