Kneeling & Saddle Chairs

Ergo Saddle Long


The Ergo Saddle Long chair is designed to help you to maintain an upright posture when sitting. Feet are placed flat on the floor at a greater width than conventional seating. The weight of the legs is taken through the feet; the upper body is stabilized accordingly. The pelvis is held securely in a natural position. The Ergo Saddle Long Seat provides all the natural postural advantages of a saddle seat. The seat pan can be angle adjusted as well as height adjusted. The saddle itself is elongated and minimises discomfort sometimes associated with a "new" sitting position.

  • Seat Height Range: 600-800mm
  • Seat Dimensions: 330W x 440Dmm
  • Weight Rating: 120 kg
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Upholstery: Black Vinyl as Standard
  • Polished Chrome Base as Standard
  • Adjustability: Adjustable Height & Angle
  • Back Rest: Nil
  • Castor Options:
    • Glides
    • Pressure Locking Castors
    • Pressure Release Castors