Mice, Rollerbars & Touchpads

Evoluent Vertical D Series Vertical Mouse


The patented ergonomic shape supports the hand in an upright neutral posture that eliminates forearm twisting.

This positioning of the wrist reduces flexing and extension while mousing.

In the vertical orientation, the finger buttons are operated the same way and the sculptured thumb rest minimise the effort required to use the mouse.


- Small 86mm / Medium 86mm


- Small 108mm / Medium 111mm


- Small 76mm / Medium 76mm


- Wired: Small 132g / Medium 136g

- Wireless: Small 163g / Medium 167g

- Compatibility:

Microsoft Windows® 7 or later

Apple Mac® OS X 10.5 or later

- Availale in a Small or Medium size for Right Hand only

- Wired or Wireless options

- 6 buttons: 2 thumb operated buttons and 3 finger operated buttons provided, with a scroll wheel providing a sixth button.

- Grooved buttons: Fingertips naturally rest in the grooves, securing the mouse in the hand

- Low Force clicks

- Extended Lip which encourages a relaxed grip

- Button programming is available for customisation

- Adjustable cursor speed