Wrist & Forearm Supports

Forearm Support 300


The Forearm 300 provides a comfortable, curved and padded wrist and forearm support for sustained keyboard/mouse use. It helps reduce shoulder and wrist strain by keeping wrists in a neutral position and also allows you to rest your arms during a break.

  • Length ( max) (mm): 280
  • Thickness (mm): 27
  • Width (min) (mm): 180
  • Adjustability:
    • Fixed Attaches to Top of Desk
    • Fixed Height Clamps to Desk
  • Forearm Support Area: Left or Right Forearm & Wrist
  • Forearm Support Features:
    • Correctly positions wrist when mousing
    • Supports weight of arm
  • Forearm Support Options: Upgrade to Forearm Support 600 to support both forearms