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Keyboards & Numeric Pads

Contour Balance Red Keyboard


Introducing the Contour Balance Keyboard, a wireless keyboard specifically designed to fit RollerMouse Red and RollerMouse Free3.

Combining the Balance Keyboard with a RollerMouse puts hands in the perfect typing and mousing position.

Using the Balance Keyboard keeps hands closer to the action and within reach of both the rollerbar and keyboard keys.

Width: 392mm

Depth: 119mm

Height: 20.5mm

Connection: Wireless

Drivers: Plug & Play

Compatability: PC & Mac

  • Aligns perfectly with RollerMouse Red

  • Includes a full number pad

  • Indicator lights for battery level, caps lock, and function lock

  • A slightly larger “A” key, to prevent accidental caps lock selection

  • Fn lock allows for immediate use of all programmed functions keys

  • Reduced bottom edge to minimize reach from rollerbar to keyboa